Sunday, August 3, 2008

Creative wanderings..............

It seems like everyone at the candy store is taking vacations, except me. With a base of 2 employees and the owner, and 2 fill in people---guess who has to work alot this week (I have Monday and Tuesday off for Matt).....ggggggg. Now how do I fit in all my creative stuff and work at the candy store......Like Pooh bear says "think think think" Then it came to me, by process of elimination ( can't bring polymer clay, can't bring my sewing/embroidery machines...what's left..........) Hmmmmmmmmmm I have beads, wires, findings. They're easy to pack up and I made a bag to bring when the store isn't busy. I hope it is though...that means I'll still have a job to support my hobbies......... When I'm home after Matt's surgery, while he's resting I have some alterations for the dry cleaner to do and some embroidery....have to put initials on Katie's ( yup the sweetheart that went with Matt to his semi) things for college---sheets, comforters, towels..... And of course I'll have to work on something else too, but I haven't decided what yet.......... And of course I have to fit in the exercises for my shoulder, I go for my follow up to my surgery on the 11th...hopefully I'll show enough progress to the doctor, and hopefully he'll tell me more ways to stay pain free...or have less pain and hopefully I can do more around the house too (darn it...did I say that?????) I feel bad that I still have to rely on Gene to do so much, between lifting things and laundry (the kids are just happy that I can do most of the cooking now........some of his meals well.............) Well more later........I have to get ready for work and I just remembered.have to get Matt some new underwear for Monday................Have a safe, happy and creative day and keep your minds open to try new things......................


Ginny Baker said...

That is the cutest pic Debbie! I hope things are coming along well with your recovery from your surgery. I think your little doggie blankets are adorable!

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Tracy said...

VERY cute picture Deb,
I take sewing to work too :) catch up on hand sewing in free's and lunch breaks, just got to use all those spare minutes in the day!!
Have linked you to my blog:)