Monday, March 30, 2009

Blog giveaway!!!

Hi, Just a quick note about a give away for some of Lisa Pavelka's products!!!! Go sign up for a chance to win.

On another note, I will post more later this week, I'm able to sit longer now and might be able to type longer than a few minutes.

hugs and stay creative!!!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaack

Sorry for the long delay in postings.......had some health issues and a hospitalization and surgery....My hubby bought me a laptop so I can get online in I thought that I would update my blog. My kitty nurses, daughter and son have been taking good care of I should be back to normal...whatever that is relatively soon.

Can't wait to create something either polymer clay or embroidery.....I'm going stir crazy here........

If you need some good creations to look at please go to any of the blogs listed on my favorites list or to she's an awesome artist and a friend. or go to Chic Treats Boutique in Oxford, MA........ok, ok, you got me on that one...that's where some of my pet toys, treats and rescue signs are, not to mention another place to order a custom dog coat. The other artists and crafters there have some awesome works

And now a picture of how I feel...this is my friend Vicki's dog
now go create something wonderful!!!! ttfn