Wednesday, July 16, 2008

From pin cushions to cat nip toys

Hi, I went to class a while ago that showed me how to use software for my embroidery machines. The wonderful instructor showed how to create a wonderful pincushion....don't ask me how...but I thought of cat nip toys. I guess it's my desire to make ends meet and to have things to sell at craft shows.

As you can tested and approved......LOL........... After those...I came up with a heart shaped one as well.....Pumpkin likes them better than store bought ones....I guess she loves her mommy!!! She even learned how to open the tupperware that they are stored in......

I haven't left dogs out of the toy loop...but for those I have adapted purchased designs into squeaky's an example

I am fortunate to have tons of polar fleece scraps from a job I there are tons of different fabrics so they are all unique.

hoping soon to put more of my creative thoughts into actual things..........clay, fabric, yarn.....where will my mind go next...............................


Daydreamer :) said...

Cute toys, Deb! I know what Santa's going to bring a couple of naughty girls this year :D

Daydreamer :)

Daydreamer :) said...


Do you think you could make me a couple of terry cloth doggie bathrobes? My dogs try to get on the furniture and rub dry after towel and blow drying them after a bath. They're just slightly moist and a robe would be enough to protect the furniture (they dig the towels out of place) and dry them the rest of the way. They'd need hoods, oh and a velcro closure like your day and evening coats. Let me know if that's doable and what it would cost.

Daydreamer :)